Wednesday, 28 April 2010

drawing a day - four

see i can do drippy abstract illustration with the rest and only after a few hours painting... easy. harder doing something else tho. does work in progress painting/drawing count in my drawing a
day task? i think so.
been thinking about Shackletons 'fourth man'.
penis ghost ship


kidney said...

your drippy abstract illustration is very very stunning - even if it is easy. i often love peoples work in progress more than finished works, like glorious off the cuff late night rants...sorry to have missed you when you were in melbourne... x rachel

Amber Wallis said...

thanks peach. yeah i like it too - its like a sweet guilty pleasure.

fraugg said...

choppy gray seas oh pirate penis. Ghost ship? Dunno 'bout all that... I think the ladies of the pirate penis clan tried to offer me a ride once... I feel fairly sure that the only bio boys aboard that ship have long since been eunichs.

NY misses you.

fieldmouse said...

ooo, I like this one.

Isaac said...

this is cool