Thursday, 13 May 2010

eve. painting in progress.
oh new york. oh love.
ted berrigan extraordinaire:
New York's lovely weather hurts my forehead
here where clean snow is sitting, wetly
round my ears, as hand in glove and
head-to-head with Joe, I go reeling
up First Avenue to Klein's. Christmas
is sexy there we feel soft sweaters
and plump rumbled skirts we'd like to try.
It was gloomy being broke today, and baffled
in love: Love why do you always take my heart away?
But then soft snow came sweetly falling down
and head in clouds, feet soaked in mush
I rushed hatless into the white and shining air,
glad to find release in heaven's care.

i didn't do any drawing yesterday. just painted. but i did order these sweet sweet wallpaper murals.

1 comment: said...

ooooh fantastic! you found them. these are great. xxx