Saturday, 7 August 2010

Dark Gully/Psychic War

Dark Gully/Psychic War
Chalk Horse Gallery
Opening - 6-8pm Thursday 12 August 2010
94 Cooper Street, Surry Hills, NSW

Dark Gully/Psychic War presents the second solo exhibition from Wallis. The body of work builds on themes that emerged while Wallis undertook residencies in New York, Montreal and Paris in 2009 on the Brett Whiteley Traveling Art Scholarship, and reflects her current sense of isolation living at Dark Gully; an old house nestled in bush above the ocean north of Sydney. The impetus to create was often associated with the unspoken communication and tension between two people, a Psychic War.

Wallis fuses the themes and muted colours of her travels with the reflective memory of the Australian landscape, merging form and impression, terrain and sex, atmosphere and mortality noted in her broad painterly references to Dash Snow, Norman Lindsey and Grace Cossington Smith.

With the thread of landscape, both literal and in the interior life, the works are rich in emotion, colour, line and form, and are inspired by the greater tradition of abstract expressionism. They provide an experience of Wallis’s world, where the act of artistic creation is as vital as the outcome.

Large scale erotic delicate drawings merged with magazine collage offset more heavily rendered paintings. While the painting Trees is carefully assembled, approached like a drawing: one shot, one sitting, brief, and emotive. It is based on Grace Cossington Smiths Trees, a rework of a painting set near to Wallis’ current residence. Present is her overall concern with the language of painting reflecting the land in which she lives, as well as her more psychological interior landscapes.


Olga said...

wish we could go... waiting for melbourne show :)

Catherine said...

you rule grlllfriend. EPIC x