Tuesday, 9 August 2011


also. diggin some words curator Kezia Geddes put together for The New Arcadia Catalogue:

 'Amber Wallis pushes more deeply into what is unseeable in the natural world and acts out a fantasy that she might form a physical relationship with the landscape. The idea begins with connection to place and culminates in the sublime. As with the sublime, the works are loaded with excitement and trepidation. Wallis chooses the Australian landscape as her ideal lover. She explores the textures and undulations of its body and its ultimate fecundity. The work is part of an internal struggle to take on the hurdles and longings in her life. The process of making is like a truth serum, an emptying out of frustration and raw emotion in a hopeful search for rapture. She suspends her physical limitations and gives herself over to the landscape’s generous embrace to feel spiritual transcendence. By surrendering herself to a kind of automatic process, mild obsessions and unresolved emotions make themselves apparent. There is a back and forth motion between mountains, the human form, a moniker, a mind, and a lustful artwork that takes control and makes itself visible of its own accord.'

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